• Charli May

5 Questions to ask your wedding videographer

There are a few obvious things to ask your wedding videographer, such as if they are free on your date, wether they travel and if they charge extra for that, what exactly is included in their packages and what happens if you need to cancel. But I think when trying to find a wedding videographer that is the perfect fit for your day, there are a few things that are super important to gather from the suppliers you contact!

  1. How would you describe your style?

Style is so important when booking your videographer! Although every wedding is different in so many ways, from decor to venue to personality of you and your guests, every videographer has a different shooting and editing style that they stick to most of the time. I like to capture relaxed and candid footage and my use of natural colours and tones reflects this, combined with some glossy slow-mo footage to make your wedding film look cinematic and professional. It's so important to check that you like videos that your videographer has filmed before - and to chat to your videographer about what you do and don't like to ensure that both parties expectations are met.

2. I am camera shy, what should I expect?

One of the biggest worries that client's come to me with, is that they don't like having their picture taken! This is completely understandable (I find it so uncomfortable being in front of a camera too) but this should not stop you enjoying yourself on your wedding day! It's good to have your wedding videographer explain to you how they work on the day so that you can prepare yourselves. I try to be discrete and unobtrusive, not only to ensure you feel completely comfortable and relaxed, but to make sure I capture all the natural, authentic moments of your wedding day. Have a look at my post on what to expect from couples portraits!

3. Can I make changes if there are things I don't like?

Selecting the right videographer for you, that shoots and edits in a style that you like, is super important to ensure that you get what you are hoping for from your wedding film. Sometimes, there may be something you aren't 100% happy within your wedding film: perhaps a shot that you don't like, or maybe the music choice. Most videographers will rectify minor changes for free if there are specific things that can be changed easily. Wedding filmmaking is an art, and your videographer puts a lot of hard work and consideration into every film, so their time and effort is of value - so please be respectful of this if asking for something to be changed.

4. How do you work with photographers?

I also often get asked if I am happy to work alongside photographers, and what that process is on the day. I am happy to work alongside any photographer and will largely be in the same place as them on the day. We will tend to do your couples portraits at the same time to make sure that we aren't taking you away from your guests for longer than necessary. It is also good to check with your photographer how they work with videographers so that everyone is on the same page. Try to choose a photographer and videographer that have similar styles where possible.

5. What is your process?

In terms of process on the wedding day, there are some basic things to ask, such as how long your videographer will film for on your wedding day and which parts they will film, what their camera set up is, as well as how long it takes for your film to be edited. You can also ask about payment schedules and pre-wedding catch-up calls. All of this should give you a good idea as to whether your videographer knows what they are doing!

What is most important is how suited your videographer is to you. That's from the initial booking stages, how well you communicate together and how well they get to know you and your story, as well as how they work on the wedding day and whether this is what you are looking for. Hopefully you will know what to expect at every step of the way and can feel that your videographer is an asset to your wedding day and experience!

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