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  • Charli May

What to expect from your couples portraits

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Let's talk about portraits!

When you watch a wedding film or look through a photo gallery, the majority of the content will probably be natural, documentary style, capturing the various parts of the wedding day. I absolutely love capturing all these little natural moments and for me, candid is my style. Most people do choose to have some couples portraits on their wedding day. The style of these portraits completely depends on you as a couple. Here's a little bit about what to expect and a few little videos!

Do I have to pose?

The answer is no, not if you don't want to! Some people feel comfortable in front of the camera and know how they like to pose. Some people would like traditional poses, but need a little direction. And some don't want any form of posed photos and instead just want moments captured as they happen. However you guys are as a couple, that's how I'll shoot your wedding!

How long does it take?

Not long! Your photographer and I will work together at the same time. Photographers tend to take the lead, and I'll just stand back film all the moments in between, perhaps adding a few suggestions to get the best shots.

When do we do the portraits?

That depends on your wedding schedule. There will usually be an allocated time, often just after the ceremony as your guests enjoy their welcome drinks, or at some point during the evening - sunset is always a winner! We can do two sets of portraits if you'd like!

Whatever your style preference, that's what we'll do. So here's how we do that!

Walking Shots

This is the easiest way to get natural but creative couples portraits. You can just wander off and your photographer and I can follow. It's a chance to properly catch up and take it all in together (whilst admiring your wedding venue!).

Getting Cosy

You may like to have some of your portraits that are a little more intimate and romantic, if this is how you see yourselves as a couple. Still, you don't have to 'pose'. Just get close and tell each other a joke or a story and have a laugh or a cuddle!

You do you!

If you fancy spinning or running through a field or having a smooch or a piggy back ride or dancing or just sitting on a step with a bottle of Prosecco, that works too! And I'll be there to film it!

And then that't is, you've successfully completed your couples portraits!

Most people aren't used to having their photo taken by a professional photographer and even more so are not used to being filmed and can feel nervous about the prospect. I want to make sure that this is something that you aren't afraid of or feeling self-conscious about. If you'd like a bit of reassurance, just let me know and we can discuss how to make you feel most comfortable! But there is honestly nothing to it!

The most important thing is that your wedding film is your love story. It's all about you as a couple and how you are with each other naturally. There's no right or wrong way to do it. It doesn't take long - everything you've seen above was shot in 10 minutes or less! You don't need to think too much about it - your film will come across however you are! So then, all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself!


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