• Charli May

Just a quick note to say

Updated: Mar 30

Hi everyone!

Whilst everyone has experienced their struggles during the course of the pandemic, many have been experiencing beyond challenging situations, including young children. According to the NSPCC, "There are indications that the conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have heightened the vulnerability of children and young people to certain types of abuse, for example online abuse, abuse within the home, criminal exploitation and child sexual exploitation".

According to Dr Alison Steele, Officer for Child Protection at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health,"There is a very real danger that, under lockdown, children are falling through the safety net because of reduced access to support services and fewer opportunities for people outside the family to sound the alarm". This article by BMJ contains some very sad reports.

Throughout the pandemic, the mental health of everyone has been tested, and this is particularly difficult for children to understand and deal with. Not only has the pandemic contributed to mental health issues, but children facing difficult situations at home, or in their past, have not had access to the help that they need.

Thankfully, there are lots of people and charities doing amazing things to support children and young people. The wonderful people at Dandelion Time, a Kent based children's charity, work with children, along with their families, to overcome their issues through various means including one-to-one and group sessions and practical farm and craft activities. Through getting children outdoors and into the natural environment, crafting and caring for animals, the children get many therapeutic benefits, as well as a sense of self-worth and learning new skills.

I think the work these guys do is incredible, and will continue to be extremely important. That's why, from the 1st March until the end of April (and hopefully beyond), I will be donating 10% of new booking deposits to Dandelion Time. For me, like for many others, the pandemic has been financially testing, so I think this is a great way for myself and my clients to be able to give to those in need. I have chosen this small charity because I love their fresh approach to supporting children and their families, and helping them talk about things that they have been through and experienced.

The reason I am talking about this topic - and that I made this decision - is because I think it's important to highlight issues that others may not have been aware of, and to raise awareness for a great charity. Let's spread some positivity, support and hope!

Please visit the Dandelion Time website here to find out more about the work they do, and other ways to support them! To my clients, if there is an alternative charity that you wish to be donated to instead, do let me know! *The price of your wedding package is in no way affected by this donation.

Thank you for your support!