• Charli May

how to prepare for a busy wedding season

Whether it's your first wedding season, or you're fitting two years worth of weddings into one, this year is likely going to be a little overwhelming, particularly after most of us have had the best part of a year off! Here are a few things to think about if you're a wedding videographer or photographer, before you get going!

Make sure you have everything you need!

Ahead of time, purchase all the kit you need - stock up on extra batteries, hard drives and SD cards! (Amazon Prime day is supposedly in June this year, so keep your eye out for deals!) I'd also invest in a litre water bottle and lots of snacks!! Make sure all of your kit is charged at all times whenever you aren't using it for peace of mind! If you've hardly touched your kit recently, it might be time to remind yourself of settings (Remember the double slot function? I forgot that existed!), processes and maybe re-organise your kit bags! I found the new kit I'd bought over the past year not longer fit in my bag, so it was time for an update!

Plan your time

Have a clear and simple calendar (printed out and stuck on your wall if that helps) including all the important wedding dates, pre wedding zoom calls, etc. so you can visualise your time. I just made up a table on Word and printed one out for each month instead of buying an expensive calendar, and, as things are still changing, it's easy to just print out another one if I need to! Also, it might help to plan in your edit time. You may end up with a bit of a back log as you try and fit in more weddings than usual, so try and map out when you think you will have time to edit what. This will also help you give your clients more of an accurate time frame for when they can expect to hear from you.

Whilst we are planning things, I also always plan my journey, meals, and outfit before the wedding day so that I have no extra stress on the wedding morning! I also always keep a written shot list with me of things that I want to capture, or that my client's have asked me specifically for so that nothing is missed.

Look after yourself

Carrying heavy equipment around all day on a wedding day, followed by long periods sat editing at a desk can take a toll on your body. Drink lots of water, stretch regularly, eat the right foods to keep your energy levels up and schedule a massage every now and then if it helps! It might be an idea to start some gentle weight-lifting exercises to physically get your body ready! I read that a lot of the population have lost muscle mass as a result of lockdowns, so we best get rebuilding!

Also, look after yourself mentally. This job can come with a lot of pressure. Creatives are also known to compare themselves to others. Please, please talk to someone if things are getting a bit overwhelming and always put your mental health first. Figure out what is weighing on your mind and I'm sure there will be a way to fix it.

Make sure you still find a good work-life balance

I know we are all trying to make up for a years worth of income lost, and we all love our jobs and are super excited to get back to it, but make sure you still schedule in fun things to do outside of work! Even though your workload is probably going to be big, you're still allowed (and need!!) time off. Don't feel guilty for enjoying a little sun (if it ever comes out again) or taking a little weekend away. YOU DESERVE IT!

Good luck!