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  • Charli May

She said yes!

On Friday evening, I had the pleasure of filming the lovely engagement of Chelan and Saajini! Chelan had big plans for how he would propose on the night of their wedding anniversary which were unfortunately slightly hindered by the national lockdown restrictions in the UK. Nevertheless, undeterred, Chelan managed to pull off the most beautiful proposal in his family back garden with the help of the lovely people at The Proposal Company. Romance was in the (absolutely freezing cold) air, with candles, printed photos, balloons and the huge 'Marry Me' lights. Saajini had absolutely no idea this was going to happen and was visibly surprised! Of course, she said yes!

I couldn't help but have a smile on my face the entire time! I've never been proposed to myself (not that I'm bitter!), or even been at a proposal, but it better make me feel the way Chelan made Saajini feel. And now she needs to get used to having that ring on her finger!

They spent the rest of the evening tucking into a five course meal prepared by a chef, in their little warm and cosy garden igloo, whilst video calling all of their loved ones to share the news! When recently it has often felt like things are not getting any better, Chelan and Saajini reminded me that there is always hope!

Watch the full proposal video below!

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Shot on a Sony A7iii, with a Sigma arts 50mm and Ronin RSC2 gimbal.

All lockdown and social distancing rules were followed.


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