• Charli May

why hire a wedding videographer?

Obviously I am biased and believe everyone should consider a wedding videographer - but if I didn’t truly believe in the work that I do, then I probably shouldn't be doing it! Here are five reasons why I believe that not only is wedding videography worth your investment, but after your wedding, may be the best money you spent!

We will capture things that you probably didn’t see

On your wedding day, there is often so much going on, and so many emotions experienced that it's hard to take everything in! So much thought and care goes into a wedding day - from your venue, to your flowers. All of this will be captured for you. While you are chatting away to some of your friends or family, lots of other things may be going on around you, or during your vows, you may be so focused on each other that you don't get to see all the smiles of your guests. A wedding video can help bring all those missed moments together!

Being able to see peoples movements and hear their voices really is special

There's nothing like hearing your loved ones chatting and laughing, or seeing your friends get down on the dance floor and being able to listen to your vows and speeches over and over. There are so many special moments that will be captured on video. And, combined with music that fits with your style and your wedding day, this can be a really powerful medium!

We can really capture the mood

Throughout your wedding day, there are going to be so many different emotions being experienced by you and your guests, and your videographer is there to capture them all! Your wedding film really will tell a story of your wedding day. Whether that's the feelings of the vows, the laughs at the speeches or the crazy dancing during the reception, you'll really be able to experience your wedding day all over again. Although photographers are so talented at capturing your wedding day with stills, a video can help bring the images to life through the use of movement, slow motion, editing and music and make you feel right back in the moment!

We will work alongside your photographer, so having a videographer doesn't change anything!

Some clients of mine have asked about my process on a wedding day as they were worried that they might be pulled away from their guests by their photographer and I at different times - which they didn't want! But don't worry - this won't happen! Your photographer and I will always work together and be in communication throughout the day to make sure we are efficient and don't take you away from your guests for too long for any couples portraits (read my blog about couples portraits here)! Others worry that they are quite camera shy and aren't used to being filmed. This is also not a problem - for most of your wedding day, you won't really notice your videographer is there. Your photographer and I will ensure that you feel happy, comfortable and confident all day!

Your wedding film is something to be treasured!

Your wedding film can be watched now, and in 30 years time. You can share the day with loved ones that live abroad. You can watch it again if you are feeling down or you can show it to your children that were too young to remember the day. It's like a time capsule of that time in your life and those moments on that day. And what's worth more than that?

Watch some of my wedding films here!