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Kent Wedding Videographer

about me 

Hi, I'm Charli!

Having had the  privilege of filming more than 80 weddings, I can say one thing for sure - every wedding is different, and every wedding is beautiful. 
This job allows me to meet so many lovely, inspiring people, visit some of the most beautiful venues in the UK (and around the world), work with some incredibly talented creatives and capture endless special moments for those that put their trust in me. And then sit back and craft it all into the story of a couples love. What's not to love?!
From filming little pangolins in Namibia to photographing my sisters newborn baby, I'm always happiest with a camera in my hand. So when I'm crying during your personalised wedding vows, howling at your best man's speech, or sobbing watching your grandparents on the dance floor - you can trust that I will put my all into creating the most special memories of your wedding day.

My Style

My goal when crafting your wedding films is to make you feel how you felt on your wedding day. To relive every moment. I pay such close attention to every detail of every minute of the film. I give every shot the time it needs on screen, accompanied by natural sounds, to allow you to feel that moment. Whether that's the peaceful, calm air on the morning of your wedding shown through the rustling of the wind in the trees; a close up of your hands interlocking so that you can remember what that feels like., or the huge smiles on faces and cheering and laughing during confetti. I think my talent, learnt through experience, is spotting the subtle moments and the details and understanding how to remind you what that felt like. I really hope you think so, too! 

On your wedding day, the hope is that you'll hardly notice me. My number one aim is to make you and your friends and family feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. There are a lot of emotions hanging in the air on a wedding day and it's really important for me to handle all that delicately. And you probably aren't used to a camera following you around all day! Hopefully my experience of wedding days can help calm your nerves and ensure the smooth running of your day!

I hope you think my wedding films are creative and artistic, engaging and warm. I hope you can see the hours that go into creating a story out of words and moving image. I hope you can feel the dedication that goes into making your wedding film uniquely yours. 

Relaxed    Sentimental    Cinematic 
Modern    People focused    Moving
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