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Hi, I'm Charli!

I am a Kent and South East based Wedding Videographer - but I absolutely love to travel all over (and am currently desperate for a holiday!). I am a lover of exploring new places, learning new things, getting muddy on a dog walk and wasting two hours doing my gel nails at home (although I don't get a lot of time for that in wedding season). I've had a camera in my hand since I was little, so it made sense to make it into a job!

Back at the start of 2019 (which seems like forever ago now!) after completing my film production degree, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own little business so that I could do more of what I love. I bought my kit, started shooting and haven't looked back. I absolutely love my job - I get to film lovely couples of one of the happiest days of their life, surrounded by their closest loves ones, often in beautiful locations around the country and then sit on my sofa, watch it all back and edit their day into a film full of memories!

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My Style

Relaxed     Sentimental     Cinematic 

I create tailored, cinematic wedding films which capture all the memories of your day, from those tear-jerking vows to those speeches that made you cry with laughter.

Natural and warm are key words for me - both in terms of the colours of my films, and in the way I film and edit. Plus, natural will never go out of fashion! My films look cinematic and professional, but are focused around your family and relationships in whatever shape and form that is. I want you to FEEL when you rewatch your wedding day. I like to create raw films all about emotion and telling stories. I love playing with composition and being creative with angles to give you a unique film that shows you why it was worth paying an experienced professional. It'll bring back all those moments that you remember, but you'll probably also see things that you missed in the busyness of the day!

What inspires me?

Telling stories is what really drives me. I find film such a powerful way of telling stories. I watch films like 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind', '12 Years a Slave' and 'Slumdog Millionaire' and cannot help but feel inspired by the power of storytelling! I spend a lot of time watching TV admiring the way things are filmed. Weddings films, too, are about telling stories!

My proudest achievement


Back in my final year at uni, myself and a few friends headed out to Namibia to make our final film to raise awareness about the endangered pangolins. This video has over 150K views on YouTube and I love that a few more people might know what a pangolin is as a result! Since then, I've been creating films with messages or stories!

Why weddings? 

I love everything about filming weddings! I love getting to know a couple and in turn, their story and their family! I love capturing the buzz of a wedding day and every wedding day is different - different guests and personalities, different decorations and flowers, different speeches! I get to visit new places, be out in the fresh air, meet new people, have fun with my camera and then sit on my sofa all day editing - it's a dream job for me!

My Favourite things about weddings

  • Watching the bridesmaids be absolute cheerleaders for the bride when she is getting ready! 

  • Family members faces when they see the bride for the first time

  • The flowers! I loooove flowers! I've grown up on my grandparents garden centre in Kent and just love being surrounded by them! 

  • Emotions! Whether that's the groom getting a bit emotional when he sees his bride for the first time, everyone in the room crying with laughter when the best man gives his speech or just the kids running around having fun, I love to capture it all and remind you of it all in your film!

OK, that's enough about me! Tell me about you!

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