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  • Charli May

Why you shouldn’t aim for perfection on your wedding day

Often referred to as 'the best/ most important day of your life', one that you've looked forward to since you were little, one that you've always dreamed of, that you've been planning for years, that you've been saving for for years - no wonder why we feel so much pressure to have the perfect wedding day!

But just like life, and people, it can't always be perfect. Things might go wrong, or happen unexpectedly, and we can't be in control of everything. What we can (try and) control is our mindset, and how we react. So, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn't aim for perfection and should try not to worry...

Because it allows you to be really in the moment

Because there’s excitement in unpredictability

Because when things go wrong, there are more stories to tell and memories to laugh at

You've heard people say ‘you couldn’t write it’ - and maybe it's better that way!

Because your idea of perfection might not be the case in reality anyway

Because emotions are high enough anyway, without adding more pressure

Because it's not always the moments that you imagine being perfect, like walking down the aisle, that are the ones that mean the most - it's the little moments that you didn't even plan or consider in the first place that you'll look back on with joy

Because sometimes things work out better than expected

So, don’t worry about the weather, don’t worry about timings, don’t worry about how you are going to feel, don’t worry about getting your vows wrong. Embrace every moment!


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