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  • Charli May

5 things that help make your wedding film extra special

As a documentary style wedding videographer, my job is to capture your wedding day authentically and organically. But, there a few things that you can think about before the wedding to help you get the best out of your wedding film!

Lighting and schedule

From the room that you get ready in, to the mood lighting your venue has for your reception, this will affect how your film looks. Natural lighting usually looks best. So, think about the schedule to maximise the best light - in the winter months when daylight hours are shorter, an earlier ceremony might help you have the time to get some lovely outdoor couples portraits or group shots. Small things can make a difference - for example if your DJ is bringing coloured lights or lasers with them, do you want them flashing during your first dance? So give the light some consideration on your wedding day.

Bride/groom prep

It's always nice for the two of you to see what each other got up to on the morning of your wedding. If you've only chosen to have one videographer and would like both of of your preparations in your film, then do think about timings and locations for this. If you aren't getting ready at your wedding venue, you may for example want to ask the groom and groomsmen to get to the venue a little early so that some photos/ video can be taken there.


The speeches for me are the most important way of telling your story on a wedding day. I use your speeches throughout your wedding film to really create a picture of who you are as a couple. The more personal they are, the better! It's always nicest when there's someone who knows each side of the couple, as well as them together, really well to give a speech.

Whilst we are talking speeches, some people choose to do speeches before the meal, some in between courses and others when you've finished eating. Think about how hungry everyone might be depending on the time (including your suppliers!), how nervous the speakers are to give them and what the venue or caterers suggest! In my personal opinion, doing all the speeches at the same time usually works best!

Change of scenery

Where possible, make the most of all the lovely locations that wedding venues have to offer. Have some parts of your venue in mind that you might like to explore for your couples portraits, find a nice spot for your drinks reception and choose the perfect position for the confetti shot. You've paid good money for your venue, so let's show it off!

The party

Unfortunately, I won't be with you into the early hours of the morning when the party is in full swing, so it's a good idea to figure out how to get your guests on the dance floor whilst your videographer and photographer are still there. You could ask your DJ to encourage your guests onto the dance floor or get the best man to round people up if the floor starts to get a little empty - 10 minutes of everyone pulling out their best moves is plenty to fill your wedding film!

Of course, the main feelings that you want to get from your wedding film are authenticity and rawness - all those natural, genuine emotions and reactions that pour out from you and your loved ones. And I am sure that will be there in bucketloads!


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