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Q&A with a wedding hairstylist

Find out some of Sally-Kate's tips for searching for inspiration and finding a style that suits you, plus how to prep your hair before the wedding and where to find beautiful bridal hair accessories!

About Hair by Duboux

I’m Sally-Kate hairstylist and founder of Hair by Duboux. I help modern and traditional brides by bringing the wow factor to their wedding day hair. This means I tailor my service to not only make you look amazing but feel amazing too!

You don’t want to leave a good hair day to chance for your wedding day, you want to know, like and trust that your hairstylist can deliver the goods.

I kind of fell into the wedding industry eight years ago through a friend asking for help, one reason or another her hairstylist was unable to achieve the dream (thankfully prior to the big day) my friend had short naturally curly hair and was wanting a Marilyn Monroe inspired vintage style. Through my background of working with performers, actors and creatives in the entertainment industries I was able to save my friend and bride-to-be.

Hair by Duboux is built on solid foundations of never wanting a bride to feel dissatisfied or let down by their hairstylist, so combining my passion for all things hair and my love of a wedding, my business was formed.

What is your style?

I always find it slightly awkward to describe myself, but I always endeavour to actively listen to my couples requests and I consider myself a trustworthy individual. In regards to my styling I’ve been told that my approach to hairstyling is Timeless Classic Elegance.

I love Hollywood Waves, it is such a classic style and appears timeless despite its age. Its not for the faint hearted though, be prepared for the long-haul as in order to perfect this high glam look, requires time and a comfy seat! The countless variations you see on Pinterest often have help with clip-in hair extensions and this is an added factor to consider if you have your heart set on this style.

What is your favourite thing about weddings?

What is not to love! My love for weddings grew when my friends and family got engaged, the excitement and the prospect of endless possibilities. The process and journey and seeing it all come together is exciting. With my couples it’s no different, you see the elements individually so being part of the process and on the day it all being as one is amazing. But not only that, a couple who I’ve never met or interacted with until that moment their enquiry lands in my inbox, that level of trust and respect is an honour to being on that journey with them.

Should I do a trial?

I feel that hair trials are fundamental in the process, not only in forming a positive bond between myself and my clients but also in the art of achieving your dreams. Trials are the perfect stepping stone in selecting the best suited products, techniques and styles for my clients, it also opens up the conversation regarding hairstyles for your bridal party.

Come to your trial with clean hair. Consider wearing make-up, wearing a white top with a similar neckline to your wedding dress and bring any hair accessories or your veil if you already have them.

How should I prep for the wedding day?

Everyone in your wedding party should arrive with clean, dry hair. Wear something loose that can easily be removed once your hair is done. I’ve actually put together a rough guide of sorts to help answer the questions some couples have. You can get a copy of the guide by heading to my website submit your name and email and you’ll then receive your guide to your inbox.

Where can I find hair inspiration?

Hairstyles and the appropriate design comes down to so many factors, your preferences, likes and dislikes, your face shape, hair typed to a degree hair colour, dress, accessories, bridesmaid dresses and general wedding style incorporating your flowers, colour palette and venue. All of these details want to work cohesively as one.

The perfect starting point is to save any inspiration as simple as likes and some dislikes. Your dislikes are also important as it gives a strong indication of your style as an individual but also gives your hairstylist clear boundaries and the elements to avoid.

It doesn’t matter too much where your inspiration comes from, it could be from when you were a bridesmaid for your best friend, a tear out of a glossy magazine or pins and saves both from Pinterest and Instagram. This applies for all members of the bridal party, by choosing a handful of images as ideas or inspiration it can help construct a schedule and timings for on the morning of the wedding.

My biggest piece of advice when scrolling and searching for inspiration is to look at images that reflect you, whether that is style, hair colour or ethnicity. Length is important to a degree but clip-in hair extensions can always be used to add thickness and length if that helps achieve the desired look. Also, if you never wear your hair up, maybe don’t opt for an up-do. There are loads of lovely styles out there but ultimately you won’t feel like you, and you want to feel amazing and have your partner recognise the person walking down the aisle, right?! If this sounds like you, maybe look at a half up / half down style as a comfortable go between.

Where can I find bridal hair accessories?

There are so many wonderful companies that provide hair accessories, one company being Sarah Vuong Bridal Jewellery of which I am actually a hair ambassador for. I connected with Sarah and her business in the first (or second) lockdown and through her reaching out asking me if I would be interested in using her pieces in my styling - YES YES YES!

Sarah brought me out of my lockdown funk and ignited the process of styling on my mannequins Ingrid and Sasha, I cant recommend her enough and there is something for everyone within her collections.

I highly recommend these independent wedding businesses all run by strong women

  • Victoria Fergusson Accessories

  • Kelly Spence Bridal Accessories

  • Saint Beth Official

Have a look at some of Sally-Kates work in this styled shoot video, shot by me!

How have you found the pandemic?

The downtime from having only two weddings in 2020 it gave me the opportunity to stop and reassess the aspects of business that were being neglected and needing improvement. I have been able to spend some considerable hours (more weeks spreading into months) of refining my shop front. I consider all digital aspects of my business to be my shop front, I’ve redesigned my website, worked on refining and building my social media (Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest) and I have set up an automated email system that ties in with my love for good customer service in keeping with my brand ethos.

I have also absolutely LOVED being involved in so many wonderful styled shoots safely tucked between the various tiers and lockdowns. It has enabled me to network and meet so many wonderful suppliers (Charli included) and to branch out and experiment with the creative briefs.

Aside from the passion of creating a bigger and better business I have found a new love for local walks with my partner, as well as joining an online yoga community - if you haven’t tried yoga Nidra I highly recommend it!

Find Sally-Kate:

Instagram - @hair_by_duboux

Facebook - @Duboux

Pinterest - @hairbyduboux


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