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  • Charli May

5 tips to get the best out of your wedding film

Your wedding highlight film is a cinematic documentary of your wedding day and the accumulation of all of your plans together on video which you can watch over and over! Your wedding day can fly by, so a wedding film can bring you right back to all those moments and feelings. On the day of your wedding, I want to be as discreet as possible and blend into the background so that I can capture the day and the emotions as they flow naturally. This being said, there are a few things you can think about pre-wedding so that we can make the best film for you! Here are my top 5 tips!

1. Buy plenty of confetti - and aim for biodegradable. If you are planning on having confetti, then the more, the better! Plus, some venues only allow biodegradable! (Try to use eco-friendly products and suppliers as much as possible!). If you don't fancy confetti, have you thought about using sparklers for when you leave the wedding? These are fun parts of the wedding where all the guests can get involved!

2. Keep in mind the time of year and the time that the sun sets when planning your wedding

schedule! In the winter, it can help to have the ceremony earlier to get the best light! Or alternatively, if you want a cosy, warm winter ceremony, then how about some candles or lanterns to bring in some mood lighting.

3. Set aside time in the schedule for some couple shots. Not only will this make a beautiful part of your film, but it gives you the space to spend some quality time together on the day! If you don't want any particularly posy shots, then perhaps just take a wander around your wedding venue and your photographer and I can just follow behind! Get cosy and chatty and try and forget the cameras are there! Golden hour is usually a favourite time for these shots, but we can make it look beautiful whenever suits you!

4. Add some special touches to the morning of your wedding, such as writing a letter to your

other half to read when getting ready, giving each other a small but sentimental gift, or have

a video of well wishes from your friends and family to watch. Although you may be super busy getting ready, it could be cute and calm your nerves and will also give extra memories to capture in your film!

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Try and enjoy the planning process and get excited about

your day! I know, especially if you are planning a 2021 wedding, it has been a bit overwhelming, but just remember why you are getting married in the first place. In the end, on the day, you will just be over the moon to be getting married and sharing the day with your loved ones. If you think you might be stressed on the wedding day, consider hiring a co-ordinator or make use of services the venue can offer you on the day, so that you can be care-free! Really try and be in the moment when you're getting ready with your wedding party, saying your vows, listening to the speeches or making moves on the dance floor!


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